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Day One
Training Engagement Learning Exchange
7:45am-8:30am Registration
8:30am-9:30am Welcome and NatCap Introduction
Gretchen Daily & Mary Ruckelshaus
9:30am-11:00am Nature in Cities: Frontiers in urban ecosystem services
11:00am-11:30am Preview of afternoon and remaining two days
11:30am-12:30pm Preaching Beyond the Choir: Making the case for natural capital
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm Getting Started with a Natural Capital Approach Valuation & Beneficiaries Uncertainty Analysis
3:00pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Processing Data Valuation in Practice Terrestrial Sandbox
5:00pm-5:30pm Reflections (Vic Parker)
6:00pm-7:30pm Poster Session
(Hosted Bar)


Day Two
Training Pathways to Impact Learning Exchange
8:30am-9:00am Announcements & Overview
9:00am-10:30am InVEST Model In-Depth Workshops Forest Landscape Restoration Poster Review Panels
10:30am-11:00am Break
11:00am-12:30pm InVEST Model In-Depth Workshops continued Pathways to Impact: National Development Assessment Methodologies
12:00pm-12:30pm Google Tools
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm Scenario Tool Workshops Pathways to Impact: Local Scale Communications Sandbox
3:00pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Scenario Tool Workshops continued Generating Action in Business
5:00pm-5:30pm Reflections (Amy Skoczlas Cole)
6:00pm-7:30pm Happy Hour
(Cash Bar)


Day Three
Training Pathways to Impact Learning Exchange
8:30am-9:00am Reflections (Taylor Ricketts & Steve Polasky)
9:00am-10:30am Hands-on Sessions: RIOS & Marine InVEST Coastal Defense & Resilience Frontiers in Optimization
10:30am-11:00am Break
11:00am-12:30pm Hands-on Sessions continued Infrastructure and National Development Planning Implementing InVEST and other tool-based case studies
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:00pm Hands-on with OPAL Investing in Watershed Services Marine & Coastal Sandbox
3:00pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5:00pm Hands-on with OPAL continued Coastal & Marine Planning RIOS Sandbox
5:00pm-5:30pm Reflections (Peter Kareiva)